Shabaka Net Networking

Shabakah Net Networking started providing Network, Hosting and Designing services on 2007 in Tripoli Libya by couple of computer science engineers.

Two years later, new services have been added such as, desktop applications and internet services.

we are proud of our achievements and our customers as we see them growing and utilizing our solutions.

We always strive to make our customers happy, and provide them a very friendly and strong customer support.



Develop, Continue and Grow

System integration

Combining hardware and/or legacy systems and software products from multiple vendors as subsystems into a whole system ensuring that those subsystems function together.

Website Designing

Does your business need a web application to distribute and elevate your services to the broad open internet users? You are in the right place to programme it.


Your business needs a domain name that reflect your services and idenetity.

Desk Top Application

We develop Desktop systems utilizing the top notch development tools such as .NET technologies.

Mobile Application

We also develop a standalone Mobile Apps or Apps that can work seamlessly with your other Desktop/Web applications.


We have a strong solid compatible hosting environments (Windows and Linux) to support our design and programming projects.

  • We support companies and entities to manage their emailing system by providing them the right solution to fit their communication needs.

  • Networking is the core value for any successful business. We install networking equipments that integrate smoothly with your applications and systems.

  • We provide two different hosting systems Windows and Linux, therefore at the end of the day we will have a complete manageable system starting from design/coding process ending with a suitable hosting package.